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A very warm welcome to Brains and Butter where we work with Nigerians studying in the United Kingdom in ensuring they are well positioned to maximise their academic and non-academic experience. We do this by providing valuable services such as visitations, mentoring, links with vetted current students and alumni, help with accommodation and acclimatization in the location of their University, amongst other customised services. Our work with each student is on a one-to-one basis in order to provide services that meet the exact needs of the student. Our aim is to make their academic and non-academic sojourn in the UK a more rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Why Brains & Butter

For many students planning to study (or already studying) in the UK, the transition from being in physical proximity with their loved ones and familiar environs for a significant period of time, to being ‘over the seas’ can be quite an exciting yet a daunting experience, not only for the students themselves but their loved ones also. Parents and loved ones have to deal with the pangs of letting go as well as concerns as to how their Children will cope with their increased independence in a new environment, with the students facing these adjustment issues practically.

For mature students, relocating to a new environment to further ones’ education also poses its’ own challenges, particularly when the students’ first degree was in a location outside the UK. One postgraduate described the experience as being like that of ‘a fish outside water’.

At Brains and Butter, we understand the challenges and concerns that Students face while studying in the UK and we work closely with the students (and their Nigerian-based Parents where applicable) in ensuring the Students are well positioned to progress well in the UK as they maximise their academic and non-academic experience.

Our key services include:

  • Pick-up from the Airport; Welcome & Arrival
  • Help with accommodation and settling down
  • Visitations & Mentoring
  • Links with vetted current Students & Alumni
  • Academic Support
  • Customised services

About the Founder

Brains and Butter was set up by Alo Ohio-Omonkhomion (PhD). Alo attended Queens College, Lagos (Nigeria) and remembers having her Secondary School graduation ceremony 4 days after her 15th birthday. She started her A-Levels at Oxbridge Tutorial College, Lagos and after a great first term there (with friendships formed then still ongoing till date), she moved to the United Kingdom where she completed her A-levels in Cambridge at the age of 16. Despite having moved to the UK at the tender teenage age of 15 (with her Parents very worried about how she would cope), she held on to her Christian Faith and had an impeccable academic sojourn.

Alo had her first degree, BSc in Economics, from the University of Hull (UK), her MSc in Economics and Development Economics from the University of Nottingham (UK) and her PhD in Development Studies from the University of Sussex (UK). She has worked as an Associate Tutor, a Research Assistant and a Lecturer. Having had this full-circle and fulfilling academic experience of over 15 years, she is keen on helping Nigerian students in the UK have a rewarding academic and non-academic experience like she did (and even better ‘with butter’) experience. She is happily married with three Children.

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